Global coin sorting machines market is expected to reach at 6.9 billion in year 2027 with annual growth rate of 6.6%.

  07 January 2021

Coin Sorting Machine is a device that sorts a random collection of coins into separate bins or tubes for various denominations. The machines are usually specific to the currency of certain countries due to different currencies. The machines are armed with screen displaying the number or the value of the coins that passed through the machine. Coin sorting machine uses a bowl with flat spinning disc at the bottom to distribute coins around the bowl perimeter. Edge opening is wide enough to accept one coin at a time. Coins either pass through a light-beam counter, or are pushed through a spring-loaded cam that only accepts one coin at a time. The global coin sorting machine market is segmented based on type. By type, the market is divided into small size coin sorter, medium size coin sorter, and large size coin sorter.
Global coin sorting machines market is expected to reach at 6.9 billion in year 2027 with annual growth rate of 6.6%.

Key Players of Coin Sorting Machine market:
Major players involved in coin sorting machine market are Giesecke & Devrient, Glory Global Solutions Limited, Laurel, Delarue, Baija Baiter, Royal Sovereign, Cummins Allison, Suzhou Ribao Technology Co., ltd., BCash, and CT Coin. Companies involved in coin sorting machines market focuses on strategic acquisitions and expansion to enhance their market share globally.

Reduction in human efforts as it establishes automated cash-handling process for coins and enable time & cost saving for the organization drives the growth of coin sorting machine market globally. Additionally, it offers error free results, which enhances their usage across the globe. Key players aim at strategic growth through expansion, collaboration, and acquisitions. Further, growing commercial banks and retail industry influences the growth of coin sorting machine market.
Growing banking sector and increasing advancement in technology are other factors responsible for the growth of coin sorting machines market.

Impact of COVID-19 on Coin Sorting Machine market:
There is hardly any place in the world that has remained unaffected by the brutality of the Covid-19 pandemic; almost every company is suffering from ruthless novel coronavirus disease. To encompass the pandemic, many nations and Governments around the world has imposed a lockdown, which is restricting the gatherings and the movement of people. The ongoing pandemic has led to a decline in almost every sector. It has majorly affected currency of various countries. All these factors have hampered the growth of coin sorting machines market during the out-burst of corona virus.

Regional Analysis for Coin Sorting Machine Market:
North America held maximum share of coin sorting machine market, which is followed by Europe. This is due to the developed banking infrastructure in countries such as US, Germany, France, and Spain.  However, Asia Pacific is expected to show the most growth rate during the forecasted period because of the technological advancements in banking sector in countries like China and India along with Japan.